Formula Editor


Do you feel headache when you see long formulas in your spreadsheets? If so, Formula Formatter is your best friend!

  1. Formula Formatter automatically displays a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate indentations.
  2. Therefore, you could understand better the logic in the formula.
  3. Anytime, you could format, modify, and unformat the formula in the editor.
  4. Finally, you could write a modified formula back to spreadsheet.

Getting Started

Besides following Installation to install the 10 Studio add-in, the quickest way to try out Formula Editor is to click below and download the workbook sample. The sample data is in the Formula Editor sheet.

Download 10Studio-Sample-EN.xlsx

Once the 10 Studio add-in has been loaded, click on the Formula Editor button under the 10 Studio tab to launch the application.


  1. Load the 10 Studio add-in, click on the Formula Editor button in the ribbon under the 10 Studio tab.
  2. Turn the toggle On.
  3. Select a cell that contains a long and complex formula (e.g., containing IF or VLOOKUP function), then you will see how it is formatted in the editor. If our algorithm considers unnecessary to change the format of the formula, the formula will be unchanged.
  4. Navigate through cells in the workbook, the editor always tries to format the formula of the selected cell.
  5. You could edit the formula in the editor, that will not impact the cell content immediately.
  6. Anytime, Format (resp., Unformat) button tries to format (resp., unformat) whatever in the editor.
  7. Manually adjusting Width Limit gives you different formats of a formula.
  8. Finally, the Unformat & Write to cell button tries to unformat the formula in the editor and write it back to the selected cell.
  9. Turn the toggle Off when you want to disassociate the editor to your selection on the workbook.

What's New?

For the time being, there are several formula formatters in the add-in store. Our tool is innovative in the following aspects:

  1. We have created a brand-new framework to intelligently pretty-print an Excel formula. For example, a function or an arithmetic expression will no longer be formatted in the same way all the time; many factors such as width limit, its surroundings, and other parts of the formula will be taken into account.
  2. The framework is extensible such that we could easily add or remove formatting rules for a class of formulas.
  3. The editor is based on Monaco Editor, that nobody uses so far for formula displaying. Monaco Editor has many advanced features that we will leverage for formula editing, such that coloring, intellisence, auto-complete, etc.