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Build Tailored Apps around Spreadsheets

The 10 Studio toolset look good, but your team has a specific need? Tell us and let us give you a specific solution.

Traditional Technologies​

  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). There are many small or big applications built in VBA, by professionals or interns, in different companies. The applications range from automating working process to generating analysis reports. VBA is a traditional and common way to build applications in Excel.

  • VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office). Big companies like banks build internal tools around Excel by VSTO. They range from pricing libraries in C# to utilities with menus and buttons. VSTO is a mature and powerful technology to build tools around Microsoft Office.

Modern Technologies - Office JavaScript API​

Office JavaScript API has become a trend these years to create tools in Office. It brings the power of web technology to users and developers of Office. Users now could benefit fancy interfaces of Excel add-ins, rich web data, powerful libraries of data analysis and visualization, etc.

All the tools of 10 Studio are built with Office JavaScript API. There is no need to say we are expert in this technology.

Our Core Analyzer of Spreadsheet Applications​

All the tools of 10 Studio is powered by our core analyzer of spreadsheet applications. The analyzer takes data, Excel formulas, and VBA programs of complex spreadsheet applications, and analyzes their different properties such as correctness, safety, efficiency, etc.

We can use the core analyzer to power your tailored apps too.

CONTACT US and tell us what app you want to build