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Bottleneck Detector


Is your spreadsheet slow? Do you want to know which part of the spreadsheet is the bottleneck? If so, Bottleneck Detector is your best friend!

  1. Bottleneck Detector detects slow worksheets among all the worksheets of your spreadsheet.
  2. It can also be finer-grained and detect slow ranges inside your workbook.
  3. As a result, amending the bottleneck of your spreadsheet will improve its performance.

Getting Started​

Besides following Installation to install the 10 Studio add-in, the quickest way to try out Bottleneck Detector is to click below and download the workbook sample.

  Download 10Studio-Sample-Auto.xlsx

Once the 10 Studio add-in has been loaded, click on the Bottleneck Detector button under the 10 Studio tab to launch the application. Although, for the sake of efficency, we have not included slow formulas in this workbook; you could still see the evaluation time of quick formulas.


  • Make a copy of your workbook, and run the tool on the copy, because the tool will modify and write to the workbook
  • Keep only the workbook to analyze open, close other workbooks
  • The calculation mode of the workbook must be automatic rather than manual
  • If there are spreadsheets that are protected by password, manually unprotect them
  • Click on the Measure Full Calculation Time, Detect slow sheets or Detect slow ranges buttons


  • The tool is suitable for relatively slow workbooks (e.g., it takes less than 3 minutes to calculate the workbook). If your workbook is slower than that, please contact our support.
  • A detection session takes time, so please be patient; run the tool in a stable environment to get a more accurate result.
  • You could run Detect slow sheets before Detect slow ranges to first get an overall idea.