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AI-aided Formula Editor

AI formula generation, AI formula explanation, and more integrated in a modern Formula Editor



AI is revolutionizing the way you work with spreadsheets. This add-in integrates AI features in modern Formula Editors and brings the power of AI to your fingertips to help you better create, understand and edit Excel formulas.

AI formula generation:​

  • When you don't know how to write a formula, you can describe it in natural languages, then ask the AI to generate the Excel formula.
  • Formula Editor will help you validate the correctness of the formula. You can preview the result of the formula before adopting it.

AI formula explanation:​

  • Whenever you cannot understand a formula or a part of it, you can select it and ask AI to explain it.
  • Formula Editor will provide its evaluation value. AI explanation can be easily triggered by the button, hovering, or shortcuts (Ctrl+K Ctrl+I), and seamlessly assist you in working with formulas.

Other features of Formula Editor:​

  • Formula formatting: automatically pretty-print a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate with whitespace indentation and proper nesting.
  • Error messages: point out on the fly the errors in a formula if they exist, explains the reason and proposes correction.
  • Formula optimization: automatically identify in your formula the part that can be improved in terms of correctness, readability, or efficiency.

Pricing and Plans​

  • Free Default Basic Plan
    • Access to non-AI features of the Formula Editor: formula formatting, evaluation, optimization, hinting, error messages, etc.
    • Limited Use of AI features: formula expression, explanation. For instance, 15 AI requests maximum a month.
    • Email & chat support.
  • Paid Pro Plan at $5.99 USD/month
    • Full access to all features of the Formula Editor: formula formatting, evaluation, optimization, hinting, error messages, etc.
    • Unlimited use of AI features: formula generation, explanation.
    • Priority email & chat support, including weekends; response within 3 minutes during working hours.
    • Early access to new features and updates.
    • Cancel anytime.
    • $10 discount coupon for our course "Spreadsheet Language and Programming": English version and Chinese version.



To remove the store version,

  1. Click the "Insert" tab (or "Home" tab for certain versions of Excel), and then click "My Add-ins".
  2. Under "My Add-ins", click the 3 dots menu next to the add-in you want to remove.
  3. Click "Remove".
  4. Read the notice that appears and click "Remove".


"Excel Tutorials by EasyClick Academy" made great videos on the tool: