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AI-aided Formula Editor - Desktop Download Version

For your convenience, we offer a desktop download version of the AI-aided Formula Editor in addition to the store version. Designed as a VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) Excel add-in for Windows, this version extends the accessibility of our tool to a wider user base. To begin, simply download the .exe setup file via the form below and follow the installation prompts. The desktop version's features and interface parallel the store version, ensuring a seamless transition.

Why a desktop download version?​

Our desktop download version makes the AI-aided Formula Editor more accessible to users globally. Here's why:

  • Users residing in certain countries may face challenges when accessing the Microsoft Office Store.
  • Some companies may impose restrictions on accessing the Microsoft Office Store.
  • Certain users might encounter a blank page when opening the store version of the AI-aided Formula Editor. This is because the embedded browser in the task pane (where the blank page is) determined by their Excel version and their Windows version is outdated. Like most of the add-ins in Microsoft Office store, our add-ins don't support these deprecated browsers. More details can be found in Browsers and webview controls used by Office Add-ins. For a part of these users (i.e., retail-licensed Office 2019 or Office 2016), this issue can be resolved by installing Microsoft Edge WebView2. The desktop download version automatically downloads and installs WebView2 alongside the tool.

Important Pre-installation Information​

  • For users with volume-licensed Office 2019 or Office 2016 (verify your Office version here), the desktop download version may not resolve the aforementioned blank page issue. In such cases, users are advised to upgrade to a recent Office version or use Excel Online with the store version of the AI-aided Formula Editor.
  • The desktop version is Windows exclusive, while the store version is cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac, and Excel Online). An internet connection is mandatory for the tool's operation.
  • User databases for the desktop and store versions are shared. Existing users can login using their registered account credentials in both versions.
  • AI-aided Formula Editor has 2 pricing plans. Users who upgrade to the Paid Pro Plan on either the desktop or store version will have access to unlimited AI requests on both platforms. For users with the Free Default Basic Plan, the number of AI requests permitted is shared between both the desktop and store versions; any usage of AI requests in one version will be deducted from the total quota accessible in both versions.


To download the .exe setup file, please complete the form below and click the button. The information provided is crucial for us; you will receive by email the download link (check the spam folder if you don't receive it within 5 minutes). After downloading, double-click the .exe file and follow the wizard for installation. If you see warnings e.g., from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, please ignore them and continue. Once installed, a new "AI-aided Formula Editor" menu will appear in the Excel ribbon.


Uninstalling the tool follows the same process as any other Windows software. Simply go to 'System settings,' select 'Add or remove programs,' and remove the tool from the list.