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We are hiring!


We hire only A players. The common values we see in our team members are responsible, reliable, authentic, conscientious, rigorous, hard-working, and intelligent.

Therefore, we create a very simple working environment. Everyone enjoys this transparency and authenticity, and does not need to think about other things; everyone wants to pursue excellence and become the best of themselves; everyone enjoys working together because their words, thinking and works can be understood, and because they appreciate each other.


OCaml Developer

OCaml is a functional programming language born in Inria. Also born in Inria, 10 Studio's analyzer engine was developed in OCaml.

Not many people have learned functional programming languages. But it is quite clear that people knowing functional programming are often good programmers. They make authentic and natural design of programs and data structure; they are most likely to have a clear thinking and a rigorous coding style.

To work on the core engine of 10 Studio, including the lexer, parser, analyzer of spreadsheet applications, we look for candidates who fall into one of the following categories:

  • OCaml developers
  • developers who know other functional programming languages like Haskell
  • developers who want to learn functional programming
  • developers who have experience or are interested in language analyzers or compilers

Web Developer

We wrap web technologies around our core analyzer to make the 10 Studio add-ins. Our web development is fullstack including the frontend of all the add-ins and websites (by React, AngularJS and JavaScript APIs for Office), the backend by Node.js, the database by MongoDB, the authentication system and the payment system.

We look for web developers who can learn our code base, develop new features and improve our products in a clean way. The candidates need to fall into one of the following categories:

  • frontend developers with experience in building beautiful, fancy and sophisticated web products
  • people with a solid programming backend who want to become good web developers

WordPress Developer

With regards to our services of web development, we often choose WordPress to make websites for our clients, because WordPress is powerful and mature, and because clients could add contents later by themselves. For this role, we especially look for candidates with a sense of esthetics and design, who will deliver beautiful and fancy websites to our clients.

Technical Marketer and Salesperson

People who know business development of software are rare. Our business development is about promoting a software with a flavor of programming to a set of non-programmers, which is even more uncommon and challenging. Technically, our business developers are required to understand our products (and our technologies if possible); functionally, they are expected to understand Excel users (and hopefully care about Excel users). People having experience in both of these two worlds are just rare.

What we often do is to find developers and train them to market our products. One (content) marketing way is to search relevant questions about Excel in tech forums like Quora and Stack Exchange, and we provide a concrete solution with our tools. We also train our business developers to make training articles and videos about Excel and our tools. Please apply if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • have a programming background, and want to learn more about Excel and Excel users
  • an advanced Excel user who wants to learn more about programming
  • good at making professional videos, or writing technical articles
  • have experience in business development of software



As we closely collaborate with Inria, members within the same team may have different employers:

  • Employed by Inria as a full-time research engineer with a fixed-term (e.g., 3-10 months) contract. With this contract, the employee will (be required to) work physically in the Antique research team at ENS Paris (45 rue d'ulm, 75005 Paris, France).

    The salary with Inria (as a national research organization) is quite fixed, regardless of previous experience of the developer.

  • Employed by or collaborate with Matrix Lead. At Matrix Lead, we offer permanent employee contracts (CDI), fixed-term contracts (CDD), and internships (convention de stage). For developers who have their own company, we can also sign contracts of services. Additionally, we are flexible with full-time or part-time. And we support remote work, developers outside Paris or France could work as team members without any problem.

    The compensation with Matrix Lead is flexible and negotiable, based on the profile and the role of the candidate, etc.


Please just send your CV (in English, French or Chinese) or LinkedIn link via here. We carefully read every application.