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Web Development and Marketing

The 10 Studio is built with web technologies from frontend to backend. We are good at web technologies and respond to requests of building interesting web products and websites.

Besides developing web products and websites, we help our customers to market them, gain exposure and grow the audience. We are especially interested in designing tailored technical approaches and leveraging technical means, to achieve a powerful digital marketing.

Below is a selection of our portfolio.

10 Studio​

  • Frontend: React, Office JavaScript API, Fluent UI
  • Backend: MongoDB, Node.js, Express
  • Marketing: content creation in tech forums such as Quora


The frontend of and its Excel add-in is built with AngularJS, which is different from the other add-ins of 10 Studio.

  • Frontend: AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Backend: MongoDB, Node.js, Express
  • Marketing: content creation in tech forums such as StackOverflow and Quora​

This website ( is mainly built with the Docusaurus framework.

  • TechStack: React, Docusaurus​

The website our our company ( was built in 2015.

  • Frontend: Bootstrap


WeCard ( is a side entrepreneurial project of us. It is an Alumni/association management system. It consists of a WeChat mini-program for Alumni members and a dashboard website for Alumni administrators. Schools such as NEYC (Northeastern Yucai School) have adopted WeCard to manage their alumni.

  • Frontend: WeChat mini-program, Angular
  • Backend: MongoDB, Node.js, Express
  • Marketing: marketing strategy and implementation in the WeChat ecosystem


MedSPA ( is one of our clients who sells high-end cosmetic products.

  • TechStack: WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Marketing: different add-ins of affiliate programs of WooCommerce, newsletter by MailChimp

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