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Audit and Validate Spreadsheets

  • Do you doubt the quality of your spreadsheets?
  • Do you want to know why your spreadsheets are slow?
  • Do you want to know how to clean your spreadsheets which become unmaintainable?
  • Do you need an insurance from Excel experts to guarantee the quality of your spreadsheets?

We provide you with the service of auditing and validating your spreadsheets. We use 10 Studio and other various tools, as well as manual review to check your spreadsheets from different perspectives. You well receive a clear report about the good and bad aspects of your spreadsheets. The report can help you improve your spreadsheets or to show others that the spreadsheets meet a certain quality standard.

A typical report can include information such as:

  • dependence relationship diagram of different worksheets and ranges
  • identification of critical ranges and useless ranges
  • inconsistent or erroneous formulas
  • verification of VBA code
  • evaluation of the efficiency of the spreadsheet, detection of the bottlenecks, and suggestion for speeding up
  • suggestion for optimization for programming style in formulas, VBA, and workbook structure.

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