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Request a Help

People often reach us to request help for their work around Excel. It could be, for example, how to realize a functionality in Excel, or how to analyze a set of data. As long as we have a little bit time and the question is interesting, we are glad to help.

Another important element is: clearer the question is, more likely we could help. Being able to clearly ask a question is not easy. Here are some tips:

  • explain the background of the work to us
  • share real workbooks with us

In the end, you could express gratitude by supporting us in different platforms:

  • follow, comment, like, forward us in social networks such as Bilibili (Chinese), WeChat Official Account (Chinese), YouTube (English), LinkedIn (English)
  • rate and review the 10 Studio add-in in Microsoft Store, if you are a user of 10 Studio

CONTACT US and request a help