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AI-aided Formula Editor for Microsoft Excel

advantages of sign-in

  • if you want to continue to use quota (for the moment)
  • save your settings & preferences: languages, optimization hinting preferences, AI request histories

advantages compared to free versions

  • number limitations of AI requests (formula, VBA, chatgpt, formulas, explain formulas, generate VBA and regex, receive instructions on Excel tasks, ChatGPT) sonarcube, snky 要不要免费问formula grid: business user, same domain => unlimited number of users
  • e.g., length of formulas we deal with; number of functions we import and export
  • tutorial videos, optimization
  • preview value in tables
  • 也许可以把chatgpt单独做一个button,request的时候可以选择带data & formula grid
  • 一个方向是让他在AI方面有更好的体验(AI request histories, regenerate)

AI-aided Formula Editor for Microsoft Excel

  • EXE (executable file)
  • install on your machine, rather than from Microsoft Store
  • Chinese version

AI-aided Formula Editor for Google Sheets

Chat us to change or merge licenses 普通doc介绍页应该介绍的是付费产品,然后在最下面说有免费的部分