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Spreadsheet AI for Sheets™

AI chat copilot in Google Sheets who understands your workbook and assists with countless spreadsheet tasks.

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Spreadsheet AI for Sheets™ aims to be an AI-assisted software solution suite for a wide range of spreadsheet tasks. Currently, it mainly offers a chat copilot integrated into Google Sheets™, which provides the following features:

  • An interactive chat copilot that can discuss any questions you may have.
  • It can learn the contents of your workbook for a more collaborative experience.
  • Over 20 spreadsheet example tasks that the chat copilot can accomplish.

Highlighted features

You can ask the chat copilot anything related to Google Sheets™ and spreadsheets, engage in conversations in your favorite language, and accomplish tasks in a step-by-step manner similar to working with ChatGPT. Additionally, we have developed built-in features to make the chat copilot better assist you in common spreadsheet tasks.

Import the contents of your workbook to the chat copilot

You can share your workbook's contents with the chat copilot. This enables both you and the chat copilot to refer directly to ranges or cells in your worksheet, such as "A1:D10" or "B2", during your conversations.

To do this, select a range in your worksheet and then click on Import the Values of the Selection, Import the Formulas of the Selection, or Import Values & Formulas of the Selection. Once the content is imported, the chat copilot will be equipped to answer questions based on it. You can verify the imported content by asking questions like give me the value of B2 or give me the formulas of A1:D10, etc.

Over 20 example tasks

This versatile AI chat copilot allows you to accomplish countless spreadsheet tasks. To help you get started and make the most of its capabilities, we offer over 20 example tasks, such as data enrichment, data analysis, formula creation, and verification, among others.

IQ points and pricing

Interacting with the chat copilot requires the use of virtual IQ points.

  • Welcome bonus IQ: every user will be automatically granted free welcome bonus IQ points to get started.
  • Purchase IQ: users can buy packs of 150 IQ, 300 IQ, or 500 IQ for continued use.

Consumption of IQ points

The number of IQ points consumed by a request is calculated based on two factors:

  1. The total length of tokens of the prior dialogs, the current question, and the returned answer. The length of tokens is highly correlated with the length of the texts. Thus, the longer these texts are, the more IQ points the request will consume.
  2. The model consulted (either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4). For requests of the same length, GPT-3.5 consumes less IQ points than GPT-4.


  • a knowledge question can cost 1 IQ point
  • a data enrichment can cost 3 IQ points
  • a data transformation can cost 5 IQ points
  • a data analysis can cost 6 IQ points

Efficient use of IQ points

Here are some tips for using IQ points efficiently:

  • Open a New chat for each separate issue. When calculating the consumption of IQ points for a request, all prior dialogs in the same chat are taken into account. Therefore, subsequent requests in an ongoing chat are likely to consume more IQ points.

  • Use GPT-3.5 by default. If GPT-3.5 does not provide a satisfying answer, consider switching to GPT-4. Additionally, GPT-3.5 is much quicker than GPT-4; GPT-4 excels especially in tasks involving formulas.

  • Find solutions using small sets of data before applying them to larger sets. Sending a request with a large amount of data can be costly and is not always necessary. You can first send a request using a small subset of your data, collaborate with the chat copilot to find a solution, and then apply that solution to the full data set.


You have two options to install the add-on:


In your Google Sheets, click on the Extensions tab => Add-ons => Manage add-ons, then you will see a card for "Spreadsheet AI for Sheets™" in a dialog window. Click on the 3 dots and select Uninstall.

Privacy Policy

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