Privacy Statement

Users' privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains the user data our products process, how our products process it, and for what purposes.

Current products

The "10 Studio" Excel add-in, the "Pretty Formula" Excel add-in, and the "Formula Editor" Excel add-in are products of Matrix Lead.

Personal data we collect

Our products are Microsoft Excel add-ins, which respect Microsoft Privacy Statment. Users of our products are asked to communicate their personal data (name, email, country, etc.) to Microsoft, who gives this lead information to us. Users also need to sign up (either by their account like Google, Twitter or by their email) to use our products.

Other data we collect

Currently, none of users' spreadsheet data (including formulas) is sent to our servers; analysis and formula formatting is undertaken in users' Excel rather than in our servers.

Use of users' data

We uses the data we collect to know our users, to improve our products, and to provide users with rich, interactive experiences. We don't share, exchange, or sell users' data to any third party or vendors.


Currently, we don't use Cookies in our products.

Privacy Policy Terms

By using our products, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use it. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this policy at any time. Please check this page regularly for any changes. If you continue to use our products for any subsequent changes.


If you have any concerns regarding the add-in or if you require additional information or have any questions about our privacy policy, you may contact us at